Abidjan: ULaSalle Committee Meeting

The committee for the creation of an African Lasallian University (ULaSalle) met in the Regional House from July 17 to 18, 2016. Seven Brothers including the members of the Regional Team took part in the meeting whose main purpose was to reflect on the implementation of the proposal 14 of the strategic Plan 2016-2021 RELAF. “Expanding the existing network of higher education institutions by creating a Lasallian university in the Region.”


As for the committee, the following objectives were to be achieved at the meeting: to reflect on the steps to be followed for this project, to make a statement about the reality of higher education in the African continent, to establish a diagnosis and to consider concrete propositions regarding the roles and the mission of the Lasallian University to be created.

The work of the committee focused on the various items on the agenda. Note that the quality exchanges between its members have enabled this committee to not only reflect on the reality of higher education in Africa, but also to establish the vision of a Lasallian university in the continent. The committee will have to submit the results of its reflection to the Brother Visitors’ Conference, which will meet in November in Antananarivo – Madagascar.