Rwanda: Pastoral Visit of the general Superior Article 2

Friday 21 October 2016: Kirenge nursery School Inauguration.

On Friday morning, October 21, a Lasallian school located in a village called Kirenge, was on celebration… It received the visit of Brother general Superior on the occasion of the nursery school inauguration… A warm morning welcome awaited the general Superior. A welcome offered by a double hedge of students singing and dancing at the entrance of their school. At 7 pm, a lively and beautiful Eucharistic celebration, presided over by Bishop Servilien, Bishop of the Diocese of Byumba, allowed the students to give glory to God with songs and beautifully presented dances … In his homily in the local language, the Bishop, very comfortable with the students, called upon them to ask themselves the group of students they belong to: Those who know what they should do and do it, those who know but whom you often need to keep on reminding so that they do it and finally those who know what their duty is but do not do it  despite the reminders.

Soon after mass, the inauguration ceremony of the kindergarten followed with the blessing of the classrooms. A stone used for memorial has been laid down and two trees have been planted, one by the bishop and the other one by the general Superior. A general tour of the School gave way to have a more comprehensive view of the school. Not only classrooms of the primary and secondary school and a well equipped computer lab were visited, but also the cows, sheep, and rabbits husbandry which produces milk and meat for the needs of some three hundred children of the school… Kirenge Complexe Scolaire La Salle also includes a group of young school leavers who receive training in sewing, mechanics, and masonry. The students, from the junior to the senior ones, through dances and songs accompanied sometimes by acrobatic jumps gave testimony of the quality of the education received in their school.

The different speeches finally stressed the need to carry on this school. The district officer of education, State Representative, did not fail to tell the students that their school was the best in his district… The general Superior acknowledged and commended in this work a fruit of the commitment of Brother Aniceto, Brothers from the delegation of Rwanda and the team of educators. He acknowledged and commended the generous donors present at this inauguration and volunteers who help make possible the various projects of this school…

Afternoon: meeting with the lasallian family of the Delegation

This same Friday, from 3: 30 pm to 5: 30 pm, was held the meeting of the different members of the Lasallian Family of the Delegation with the general Superior. Almost all schools, former students, Young Lasallians, lay partners, Sisters, Brothers, were all represented. The general Superior gave in this circumstance a message describing the contradictions of our current world, a world of conflict and of opportunities. It is in this world that the Lasallian response fits the education needs of the poorest. He noted the fact that our education is primarily a matter of trust relationships, kindness, and generosity. He insisted on the need for a Lasallian education promoter of peace, justice, concern for the protection of the environment and of the rights of the most vulnerable who are the children. He answered many questions from the students, teachers… Dances, gift ceremony, awards nicely carried this meeting.