First Vows at the Novitiate in Bobo Dioulasso

Eight novices Brothers made their first profession at InterAfrican Novitiate in Bobo Dioulasso. The ceremony took place on Friday, June 12, 2015, inside the Novitiate in the presence of numerous guests, priests, religious men and women as well as Novices of several congregations from across the diocese of Bobo Dioulasso. » Read more


The RELAF Conference brings together all Brother Visitors and Auxiliary Visitors in RELAF, President of the Delegation, Sector Coordinators, members of the Regional Team and other Brothers in the General Service of the Institute. It is convened and presided by Brother General Councillor for RELAF which is a resource person and follows the implementation of the decisions and programs adopted for the entire Region.


Held once a year (usually in November), the RELAF Conference generally seeks to:

  • carry out the decisions of the Regional Assembly;
  • be a support to those responsible for common services;
  • organize the Regional Assembly;
  • evaluate the implementation of proposals and programs of the Region;

A Regional Assembly is also held at least once between two General Chapters of the Institute. It is aims to:

  • evaluate the previous period;
  • study specific issues related to the Church and to the Institute in Africa;
  • give orientations for the coming years;
  • approve the statutes and possible changes.

Guadalupana De La Salle Sisters in Benin

Since Thursday, May 28, 2015 the three Guadalupana De La Salle Sisters arrived in Benin, Gulf of Benin District. These Sisters are Angela Maria Sanchez Castana from Colombia, sisters; Laurencia ALPHONSE and Lanto Ortancia OLINIRINA, both from Madagascar. Sister Lanto Ortancia arrived May 25, 2015; and the other two on May 28, 2015. During her trip to Benin, Sister Laurencia in Nairobi was delayed because of a strike at the Bernardin Gantin International Airport of Cotonou; which resulted into an unexpected stay in Nairobi. » Read more

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