Internal Regulation

This Internal Regulation is intended to specify the Statutes of the Lasallian Region of Africa.


  1. With regard to Formation, Mission, the Region is attentive to sectors of the continent that are not directly connected to her (South Sudan, Mozambique …


2. The Regional Assembly, the Conference of Brother Visitors.

The Regional Assembly :

  1. The date and the venue are decided by the Conference of Brother Visitors.
  2. It is convened at an appropriate time by the General Councilor who presides it.
  3. For practical reasons, Regional team members are the members of the Preparatory Committee of the Assembly. The Conference of Brother Visitors may appoint other persons who may bring external expertise.
  4. The preparatory documents to the Assembly are sent to the Participants at least one month in advance.
  5. Participation in the Regional Assembly is mandatory for all statutory members. Efforts will be made to harmonise as much as possible the procedure of appointing Delegates to the Regional Assembly.
  6. Each District, each Delegation and each structure of formation supports the members of their Delegates. The expenses of organising the Regional Assembly are covered by the Districts and Delegation in prorata to the number of participants in the Regional Assembly.

The Conference of Brother Visitors:

  1. The venue and the date of the Conference are decided by the Conference of Brother Visitors.
  2. It ordinarily takes place once a year and is convened and presided by the General Councilor. If necessary, the General Councilor, in agreement with Brother Visitors, can convene an extraordinary Conference.
  3. The Members of the Regional Office organize the Conference. The agenda of the Conference is sent to the Members and eventually to the invited persons at least one month before the day of the meeting.
  4. Participation in the Conference is mandatory for all statutory Members except in cases of a major reason duly explained to the General Councilor.
  5. The votes are usually done by show of hands. They are held by secret ballot if one third of the members present wishes. A simple majority is enough to pass a vote. In case of the same number of votes, the General Councilor may exceptionally decide.
  6. Only Brother Visitors and President of the Delegation and/or the Delegate of the Superior General participate in the voting.


The Regional Team is organized in three modalities: the Regional Community, the Regional Council and the Regional Office.

The Regional Community:  

  1. The Regional Community is composed of Brother General Councilor and the Brothers appointed by him. These Brothers are made available for the Region by their Districts for a period of three years renewable. The size of the community will be within its means and needs for the Mission.
  2. The Districts and Delegation of RELAF jointly provide the Community and the Regional services operating expenses by paying their annual contribution as voted in the Budget by the Conference.

The Regional Council:

17. Between two Conferences of Brother Visitors, decisions may be necessary to ensure the smooth running of Regional activities. The General Councilor, in consultation with Brother Visitors, may convene a Regional Council with the Members of the Regional Team.

The Regional Office :

18. The Regional Office covers the following services: The Regional Secretariate, the Bursary and the Resource Development, Communication Service, the Formation of Brothers and Lay; Coordination Service for ‘Association and Lasallian Mission (CIAMEL) and Project Management Service (CARLA).

The Regional Secretariate :

  1. The Regional Secretary shall take notes during the Regional meetings, at meetings of the Regional Team or of the Regional Council and establishes the minutes or the records that he addresses to participants after approval by the General Councilor.
  2. He is in charge of sending and receiving communications to and fro the General Councilor or the Regional Office to and from Districts, Delegation and the Centre of the Institute.
  3. He organizes the archives, establishes the historical repertoire, and maintains the statistics of the Region.
  4. He translates or has the texts of the Region translated into  two languages (French and English)

The Communication Service:

  1. He collects articles and ensures the regular publication of the “Newsletter“.
  2. He ensures the creation and maintenance of a website, gathering and publishing information of the Region.
  3. Helps in building unity in the Region through the promotion of good communication in the Region.
  4. Makes known the Region and gives her a good institutional image.
  5. Coordinates communication within the Region and with the Centre of the Institute. He collaborates with the persons responsible for Communication of the Districts and Delegation.

The Regional Bursar’s Office :

  1. The Regional Bursar presents the economic and the financial reports as well as the budget of the Region at the Conference of Brother Visitors.
  2. He executes the budget approved by the Conference.
  3. To supplement the lack of contributions and to ensure operating funds, the General Councilor for RELAF or by delegation the Regional Bursar approaches the Institute and charitable organisations with the aim of achieving self-management.
  4. He ensures the effectiveness of direct contributions from the Districts and Delegation to take charge the functioning of the Regional community and Services and if needed reminds the late payers. He periodically sends their account statement to Brother Visitors and the President.
  5. He ensures an efficient accounting service for the Regional Accounts.
  6. He works in collaboration with l’ONG CARLA (Confédération des Associations du Réseau Lasallien en Afrique), the Districts and the Delegation in drawing up of Strategic Plans for their self-management and that of the Region.
  7. He accompanies the Districts and Delegation in the management of economic issues.
  8. He ensures the proper implementation of Regional and District projects, projects funded by the Development Services of the Institute and ensures the preparation of reports.

The Service of Association and Lasallian Educational Mission Coordination :  

  1. Acts as a link between CIAMEL and the persons responsible for MEL of Districts and Delegation and coordinates their works.
  2. Organises, and coordinates the activities of MEL, Lasallian Family and Association of the Region. (Young Lasallian, Lasallian Volunteers, Signum Fidei, Alumni Association …)
  3. Collects Lasallian publications of the Region and ensures their dissemination in the Districts and Delegation in collaboration with the Regional Communication Service.
  4. Helps the Regional Secretary for the processing of information and translations.
  5. Organises the pickup of the Brothers and Lay Lasallians during Regional meetings and formation sessions.

The Service of Formation for  Brothers and Lay Lasallians:

  1. The Coordinator of Association and Lasallian Educational Mission (AMEL) will be in charge of this Service.
  1. He helps identify and prepare Researchers and Formators for the Region.
  2. He draws up with the help of CIAMEL a common Lasallian Formation Plan for the Region and ensures its implementation.
  3. According to the needs, he makes himself available to Districts and Delegation for Lasallian Formation sessions.

The Service of Project Management (CARLA):

  1. Il promeut et coordonne les organisations lasalliennes à but non lucratif de la Région et en assure le lien avec le secrétariat Solidarité et Développement à Rome
  2. Il aide les District et la Délégation à travers l’étude, la préparation et la mise en œuvre des projets de développements.
  3. Helps the Region in the implementation of her Development Plan. (Provides resources for: the Regional Office, the new educational initiative at the Regional level, the project for an African Lasallian University.)


48. All participants in the Regional Assembly or the Conference of Brother Visitors are expected to arrive at least the day before the meeting.

49. All participants should acquaint themselves with the topics of the agenda in advance.

50. By courtesy and fraternal charity, one should inform ahead of time or apologise for any absence or delay.

51. Courtesy and charity should govern discussions. Care should be taken not to confuse opposition to an idea and opposition to a person.

52. The participants at the Assembly and the Conference as well as all persons involved in work have an absolute obligation of confidentiality. Official information is given by the General Councilor through the Service of Regional Secretariate.


53. Unjustified and repeated absence or lateness calls for explanation.

54. Unjustified late payment of annual contribution more than three or six months after the adoption of the budget will be sanctioned through penalty of 05% and 10% of the amount apportioned to District or Delegation respectively.

55. Unjustified non-payment of the contribution during the financial year will be sanctioned by a reconsideration of funding projects in the sectors concerned.


  1. The present Internal Regulation can be modified by the Regional Assembly or by the Conference of the Brother Visitors by an absolute majority.

Adopted unanimously by the Regional Assembly in Nairobi – Kenya, on Tuesday 12th January 2016.