7ème Assemblée régionale

Chers membres de la famille Lasallienne,

C’est avec grand plaisir que nous vous annonçons la tenue de l’Assemblée régionale de la Région Lasallienne d’Afrique (RELAF). Cette Assemblée, septième de son genre, se tiendra à Abidjan, en Côte d’Ivoire, du 2 au 5 avril 2023.

Les participants à cette Assemblée sont les Frères Visiteurs, Frère Président, Frère Visiteur auxiliaire, les Frères Coordinateurs de Secteurs, les Frères Directeurs des maisons de formation et des Institutions supérieures, les délégués de nos Districts et Délégation, les présidents de commissions, les membres représentants des jeunes Frères, des jeunes lasalliens et du CIAMEL. Pendant trois jours, ils réfléchiront sur la vie de l’Institut des Frères des Écoles Chrétiennes dans les pays qui constituent la RELAF, puis traceront les sillons pour les 7 années à venir, à la lumière du 46ème Chapitre général.

Nous vous invitons à vous unir à nous dans la prière afin que par l’Esprit Saint, nous parvenions à la construction de nouveaux chemins qui transforment des vies. Que la très Sainte Vierge Marie, Saint Jean-Baptiste De La Salle, le Bienheureux Frère Raphaël-Louis Rafiringa et tous les Saints et Bienheureux de l’Institut intercèdent pour nous.

Vive Jésus dans nos cœurs, à jamais !


The Brothers of the Christian Schools of the District of Central Africa recommend to your prayers Brother Martin Leonardus SONNEMANS.

Brother Martin Leonardus SONNEMANS, formerly of the community of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in Lomié, in the Diocese of Doumé-Abong-Mbang, passed away in the Central Hospital of Yaoundé, on 1 March 2023, at the age of 90, after 74 years of religious life.

Brother Martin Leonardus SONNEMANS was born on 27 September 1932 in Someren. He entered the novitiate of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in 1949 and made his first vows in 1951 and perpetual vows in 1957.

Throughout his missionary life, Brother Martin devoted himself to the training of young catechists and farmers at the Agricultural and Livestock Centre. He was able to captivate the attention of the young students of the CETI Saint Joseph of Diang by his zeal for work and especially his love for a job well done.

Brother Martin was a religious who, despite his age, knew how to adapt to the different changes in society and the Church. With his young confreres, he was an example of fidelity through rigour and regularity in his activities, both professional and spiritual. His life was a living witness to Christ whom he served. Always keeping a smile on his face, he always made himself available to the requests of his confreres and of all those who needed his services. His humility led him to listen to his confreres and to offer free service. Brother Martin was always patient, even when it came to his return to the One he had served all his life. When asked what his secret was for holding out so long when even all his companions had returned to the Father’s house, he answered with a smile: “I am waiting”. Brother Martin knew how to wait for his time as a good and faithful servant.

Union of prayer for the rest of the soul of our dear Brother Martin.


Dear Brothers/ Lasallians 

Greetings through Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the author who holds the key to our life, our death and our resurrection; and it is in this spirit that I break to you the painful and shocking news that one of us, Br Peter Obi, FSC has passed away, this day, 22nd February 2023, at the young age of 36 and two-year-old in Perpetual Profession. He was serving as Director of Naka Community and Sub Director of the Naka Postulancy Programme Naka, Nigeria.  He took ill and was receiving treatment at the hospital and in the care of the Brothers when he passed on.

(-) The funeral arrangements will be communicated when Brother Godwin, the Sector Coordinator, has a conversation with the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi, Rev Wilfred C. Anagbe, CMF.

Let us unite in prayer for the soul of our deceased Brother to be welcomed by angels in heaven, also for his biological family and the Brothers in Naka community who currently are in shock and disbelief.

 United in Prayers,

Br Betre Fisseha,

Visitor of the Lwanga Disctrict of Africa

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