Abidjan: Brother Rodrigue Thesis’ Defence

On Thursday, June 15, 2017, Brother Rodrigue TOEPPEN, CELAF outgoing Director, brilliantly defended his PHD thesis on the topic: Hazard and progress in Antoine Augustin Cournot’s biological philosophy. The new PHD holder willingly shared with us his thesis summary. Enjoy reading it.

Thesis Summary

The objectivity of the scientific research compels evolution theorists to postulate Cournot’s essential hazard as main explanation of the natural selection mechanism, source of novelty in the evolution. Viewed from this angle, evolution presents itself as a real history, subject to the contingency, whence progress and purpose are excluded. This work seeks to analyze the appropriateness of the use of this hazard in biology. Is it indeed in compliance with Cournot’s thought to oppose hazard to progress in evolution? Thus is shown the question that has been used to guide this investigation.

Cournot’s biological philosophy, which is at the heart of this research reveals, in response to this question, the need to abandon research by the cause in order to advocate the analysis by the reasoning of things, sole means of understanding the living and its evolution. And in this sense, the hazard, far from opposing progress, becomes the executor of the organic creation plan.

Key words: Evolution / Natural Selection / Hazard / Reasoning of things / Organic Type / Vital Force / / Determinism / Progress.