Abidjan: Founder’s Day Celebration at Akwaba Center

On Monday 16th May, the Brothers’ Community of Akwaba Center in Abidjan invited the Brothers’ families and the Brothers of the three other communities. This was an invitation for the Founder’s Day celebration, which this year coincided with the Feast of Pentecost. Note that Akwaba Center, a work that belongs to the District of the Gulf of Benin, has always considered the celebration with the Brothers’ families as a tradition since ten years.

Upon their arrival at the Center, all the invited guests took the opportunity to get know each other before sharing some news of their respective families. It was also the opportunity for General Councilor, Br. Pierre Ouattara , to make known the Lasallian Region of Africa with its various structures and its way functioning. In his speech, he shared some news from the Institute and the Region including the Golden Jubilee of the four Brothers in the District of West Africa, celebrated on Saturday 7 May at Burkina Faso … The Visitor, Br. Paulin DEGBE, who was also present, shared some news from the District of Gulf of Benin.

The second moment of the event was dedicated to prayer to Saint John Baptist de la Salle, animated by two scholastics (Sévérin and Valere) using a video projector. The guests were entitled to ponder some excerpts from the Meditation of our Holy Founder that brought them together on that day through their loved ones who became his disciples in the congregation of De La Salle Brothers.

Finally, all guests shared lunch in the courtyard under three tents, carefully prepared and decorated. Great was their joy for the delicacy of Brother Enrique (Kike) who, throughout these three great moments, warmly and fraternally welcomed them.