Cameroon: pastoral visit of the general Superior in the District of Central Africa

Thursday 27 October 2016

Second step of the pastoral visit of the general Superior in the District of Central Africa: Cameroon

After two take-offs and landings, less than an hour each by plane (Bata-Malabo in Equatorial Guinea and then Malabo-Douala), the Brother Superior  was welcomed by the Brother Visitor Blaise Djeukam and a delegation of Brothers at the international airport of Douala in Cameroon.

At 6: 00 pm, the van that picked him up at the airport headed in the unique community of Douala where the five Brothers of the community joined by Brothers from other communities of Cameroon were waiting. At 6: 30 pm, after the welcoming word from the Brother Director of the Community Louis Pierre, some drinks were served on the fourth floor terrace of the technical college new building with a beautiful sight of the city. The aperitif followed by the dinner were moment of good time of conviviality before the well deserved rest of the night, a little clouded by a water cut in the city.

Friday 28 October 2016

Before the scheduled meeting at 8:00 am with a delegation of the Lasallian Volunteers of Mbalmayo, Brother Stéphane, Director of La Salle College of Douala took the general Superior for a tour in his high school. The school is equipped with a documentation and information centre, a medical centre with a laboratory of analysis and workshops… The visit was shortened in order to meet the delegation of volunteers of Mbalmayo: Quentin Tago, coordinator and two other members of the expected five… The volunteers run a secondary school of 280 students, the best of their department. The school has 30 social cases and 10 students benefiting from a free education. They also take care of a vocational training centre. Four members live permanently in the community and 10 others come there when they have something to do in the school.

The meeting with the volunteers was interrupted because it was time for the opening mass of La Salle College, presided over by the Cathedral parish priest in the presence of numerous academic, administrative and traditional authorities. This Eucharistic celebration had for setting the gymnasium of La Salle College and was followed in the same place by the Inaugural Lecture given by Professor Thomas Atenga on the topic: “emergence and development. What are the challenges for Africa? “As soon after mass, the general Superior was interviewed by the Catholic television “Veritas” on a few issues: What are the reasons for his visit? What are his impressions on the Lasallian educational works in Cameroon? A brief presentation of the Lasallian educational works in the world? What is his final say? The Superior concluded by insisting on the fact that the youth are the first wealth (70% of young people in the population in Africa) and that they must have the right to the best possible education.

At 12: 30 pm when the inaugural lesson ended, the guests were directed toward the new buildings of the Technical College which had been blessed just before mass. Some local varied and succulent dishes were welcomed by the hungry stomachs. In terms of drinks, each guest also had the choice of their taste. In the afternoon, after a well deserved rest, the Superior began at 4: 00 pm individual meetings with few Brothers up to community prayer time at 6: 30 pm.

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