Lasallian Volunteers Celebration Campaign

Dear Lasallians,

You know that our concern for the education and salvation of the most disadvantaged and marginalized youth originated in the concern that Saint John-Baptist de La Salle had for the fate of the children of the artisans and the poor of Reims. Service is a central aspect of our Lasallian identity, and particularly so for us young people.

Thousands of Lasallian volunteers worldwide, locally and abroad, take matters into their hands and work tirelessly for a better education for the vulnerable youth. They generously give their time, their energy and their resources in order to build a better world, and the Lasallian Educational Mission owes them a lot for their dedication.

The time has thus come to thank these Lasallian Volunteers and to properly celebrate their contribution.

From December 5th to 10th, we invite you to highlight the actions of Lasallian volunteers across the whole Lasallian Family and beyond through the Lasallian Volunteers Celebration Campaign.

Why choosing those dates? December 5th is the International Volunteer Day and December 10th is Human Rights Day. The association between those two dates is natural since volunteers consistently contribute to the advancement of human rights everywhere they are at work.

During those days, in your ministry or in your District, we invite you to :

  • Organize volunteer actions;
  • Organize an activity to thank volunteers ;
  • Share with other organizations, Lasallian or not, your initiatives of volunteer             actions;
  • Share information, photos or videos on your actions using the hashtag                    #LaSalleVol on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Keep us informed of what you are doing by writing to and be present on social media!

Thank you and have a great celebration!

Antoine Béland

International Coordinator for Young Lasallians