Madagascar: Pastoral Visit of the general Superior in the District of Antananarivo

Saturday, November 12, 2016.

At 9: 30 am: general Superior’s meeting, accompanied by the general Councillor for the Lasallian Association and the Educational Mission, Br Gustavo Ramirez, also responsible for higher education, as well as the General Councillor for RELAF, with all the Brothers of the District in Antananarivo.

At the appointed time, to introduce the meeting, the Brother Visitor, Mamy presented the district with its strengths and weaknesses. The general Superior then addressed his message to the Brothers.

Through this message, he invited us to operate a spiritual revolution in our Brother’s life … from this revolution, John Baptist de La Salle and the first Brothers give us an example. According to the same dynamism driven by the Holy Spirit, the Brothers are invited to give birth to a renewed Institute. It is always the same call, the same Holy Spirit, who is whispering through different voices. The spirit enters in our lives through many voices and events. It is always the same Lasallian charism, donated to the Church and to the world. The Superior reminded the Brothers that they are the heart and the memory of this charism. How, as individuals and as community, do they work for the revitalization of the Institute? It means finding new directions in the pursuit of the common good. It is important in this context to listen to each other, to undertake mutual listening among Brothers, to listen to the lay partners, to hear the cry of the poor… After listening to the message of the Superior, each Brother introduced himself. The floor was then open to anyone with a question or a reaction to the message of the general Superior.

At 10: 30 am: Superior’s meeting with the District councillors at the same time with those in charge of the Lasallian Educational Mission.

After introducing themselves, the superior insisted on the importance of these two Councils for the viability and vitality of the Lasallian educational mission. This importance derives from that of the association, the shared mission between Brothers and lay. To develop and strengthen the association at the service of the mission, Brothers and lay, the Brother Superior highlighted the importance of the existence of training programs adapted and offered to the largest possible number. He noted that the priority for the new teacher is to learn the basics of his profession before knowing more about Saint John Baptist de La Salle and the Lasallian spirituality… The questions asked by the participants in the meeting turned mainly around the training precisely … The morning ended with this meeting of the district government’s two structures.

A 3:00 pm, the different groups that are members of the Lasallian family in Madagascar had appointment with the general Superior. More than eight entities were represented: Guadeloupian Sisters, Signum Fidei, Alumni Association, Lasallian Orators, Young academics dolphins of Blessed Louis Rafiringa, choir group Rafiringa, Lycée Anna and Anosibe social centre, the Info Centre, Mahamasina Brothers’workshop, Antsa Faravohitra… Dances showing the various regions of Madagascar were beautifully presented by the Young Lasallians… Blessed Brother Louis Rafiringa’s Dolphins presented a skit in Malagasy apparently full of humour and did a presentation on who they are and what their activities are.

The Superior again delivered to all these Lasallians a dense and substantial message. The Lasallian Orators, University students heirs of Br Louis Rafinringa, while offering to him, showed the Brother general Superior how this magnificent scarf through which their members are known is worn.

General Councillor for RELAF (Translation by the Regional Secretary)sat saturday