Nairobi: Lasallian Formation Seminar in the District of Lwanga

Brothers and Lasallian Associates of Lwanga District of Africa took part in a one week formation program which was held at Rosa Mystica Center in Nairobi, Kenya from 21st to 26th August 2016.

The meeting brought together participants from Sectors of Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and South Africa. There were no participants from Eritrea due to political situation and the state of affairs of that country.

During the week-long seminar, participants focused their reflection and sharing on the theme, “Walking Together in Solidarity”. Some of the points for reflection and discussion included the Lasallian story, pedagogy and spirituality.

The program was facilitated by Mr. Alan Weyland, the Executive Director of the office for Mission and Ministry, assisted by Brother Brian Henderson who is in charge of accompanying Young Lasallian Professionals. The two gentlemen are from the District of Eastern North America (DENA).

A talk on Lasallian story, pedagogy and the vow of association in the 21st century was presented by Mr. Alan. During his presentation, he touched on the gospel journey of St. John Baptist De La Salle and the early Brothers, the life of the institute shortly after the death of the Founder to the present time, Lasallian pedagogy focusing on the twelve virtues of a good teacher as well as Lasallian principles. He also gave talk on Meditation during the Time of Retreat (MTR) and a brief introductory to circular 461.

Brother Brian on the other hand focused his presentation on Lasallian spirituality. He made a presentation on the vocational call and elaborated on what the church expect of us as Lasallians. He also made a presentation on spirituality and traditions of Lasallian family focusing on the mission of touching hearts and teaching minds of those entrusted to us.

Brother Ghebreyesus, the Visitor of Lwanga District, presented on the history and life of Lwanga District of Africa, when it was founded, its mission and vision as well as its contribution in the Lasallian mission in the world today. He also made a presentation on some contemporary practices and realities in the Lwanga District, pointing out the challenges facing Brothers and Lasallian associates in Eritrea and the impact they have on the District.

Meanwhile, each sector gave a presentation on various apostolates and ministries in their various countries. During this forum, they pointed out some of the strengths as well as some shortcomings that they experience in their day to day running of these apostolates.

The seminar was organized by DENA in collaboration with Lwanga District under the leadership of Brother Ghebreyesus Habte together with his Auxiliary, Brother Gabriel Griffin who was also present for the seminar. Others present were Brother Denis Lee, the Auxiliary Visitor for community life and formation of DENA, Brother Agustin Ranchal, the Formation Coordinator of Lwanga District, Brother Antone Oloo, the Sector Coordinator of Kenya and Brothers representing the four Sectors as well as lay associates from various apostolates across the District.

Bro. Michael Otieno

District of Charles Lwanga

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