RELAF New Regional Team


Brother Michel


A time of grace begins in this month of October with the establishment of a new regional team. I express here not only my gratitude to Brother Gabriel Ownu and Brother Michel Tolojanahary, but also the joy I have had to working with them. My thanks to Brother Anatole Diretenadji for the wonderful accomplished work and for the continuation of the regional bursar service for three further years. Welcome to Brother Ferdinand Biziyaremye. As a replacement of Brother Gabriel Ownu, he will play the role of regional coordinator in the secretariat Association for the Lasallian Educational Mission… He is furthermore the region delegate in the International Council for Lasallian Educational Mission and Association (CIAMEL) in replacement of Brother Balthazar. Welcome to Brother Pierre Aymard Bako, the new regional Secretary and the Coordinator of the Young Lasallians. Mr. Javier Larios from CARLA projects Secretariat and from the African Lasallian Network Confederation of Associations is also part of the regional team.

Brotherly yours in de La Salle, Pierre Ouattara, regional councilor