South Africa: pastoral visit of the general Superior in the District of Charles Lwanga

Monday, January 23, 2017

This second day of the pastoral visit of the Superior has been devoted to La Salle Discovery College of Johannesburg. La Salle Discovery College was founded in 1966. Its motto “Pro Deo et Patria” is accompanied by this other indicated at the entrance: “Enter to grow and leave to serve”. It has 318 students from primary to secondary school with a very high diversity of origins reflecting the image of South African population… The residence of the three Brothers, Thomas, Cornelius and Timothy, is located within the College. Part of the residence has been given to the administration of the College.  The Brothers, too old, no longer teach there. The Principal, Madam J. Milne, manages the college with a staff composed of lay people, majority of them are women.

At 10.00 am, the meeting of the general Superior with the whole school took place in a beautiful auditorium. After the morning reflection given by the Principal, we had the prayer led by students. The Principal then introduced the visitors of the day, first the general councillor, then the general Superior.  A class amazed the assembly by singing a song. Thereafter, there was a ceremony of awards to students. The general Superior then spoke to the students. He told them that they were the reason the Lasallian educator exists. He did not fail to emphasize the expectations the Brothers place on them if they want to be real Lasallians.  A nice video, with pictures of Young Lasallians throughout the world ended the meeting.  The students came out of the auditorium singing in choir the song in the video: “We are many but we are all one. We are Lasallians…”

A snack, with tea and coffee, was served in the teachers’ room, after this assembly. This was a joyous moment with the teachers and members of the administration. The Superior, accompanied by the Councillor, the sector coordinator Br Thomas and the Principal visited a few classes. It is to be noted that in addition to English, students are free to learn Zulu and the Afrikaans. The classrooms are well equipped and the number of students in each is quite convenient. Two additional primary classrooms and also a multi-purpose hall are being constructed. The existence of a swimming pool convinces you are certainly in a school for the middle class.

At 1.30 pm, the superior met a group of Young Lasallians. He encouraged them to network with other Young Lasallians and get news of the network on the Institute web site.   At 3.00 pm was held the meeting with the members of the administration of the two Lasallian institutions present in Johannesburg: De La Salle Discovery and De La Salle Holy Cross of victory. The Superior introduced the discussions by explaining how the Institute is structured and governed. He then gave an explanation of the vision set through the circular 478 for the next seven years. He also said something about the themes proposed by the Institute for each of the last three years.

If we can count around 1000 Lasallian educational works throughout the world where more than a million pupils and students are trained, it is thanks to the commitment of the lay people working side by side with the Brothers in the mission. In order to safeguard the Lasallian heritage, training is more necessary than ever, for both our Lasallian teachers and the members of the administration… This concern finally dominated the discussions of this afternoon…

Brother Pierre OUATTARA, general Councillor

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