Yaoundé – Cameroon: Pastoral visit of the general Superior in the District of Central Africa

Yaoundé on 31 October 2016

The general Superior participated in the 6: 15 am mass in the Basilica of Yaoundé. After mass, there was moment of joy and reunion for some and opportunity for the general Superior to meet Sister Chantal, younger sister of the general Councillor and member of the congregation of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation in mission in Yaoundé. This Monday morning was devoted to administrative formalities to obtain an entry visa in Chad for the general Superior and also for the District bursar, Brother Marek. As a facilitator of these formalities, the Accounting Secretary of the District, Azeng Corinne Gladys, accompanied us to Chad consulate. Promise being made that the visas would be issued for the following day at 10: 00 am, we then had a short tour of discovery of the city: Monastery of the Mont Fébé, Nuncio House, Presidency, and the Embassy of the United States…

We had lunch in the community with Mr. Tientcheu Pierre, member of an accounting firm and councillor auditor for the District of Central Africa… The afternoon of this Monday was partially spent resting and for personal working. From 4:00 pm, the general Superior had an individual interview with each of the two young Brothers of the Provincial House: Brothers Miamadingar Débasco and Zanga Sébastien, both students at the Catholic University of Yaoundé. Brother Débasco is preparing for his perpetual profession in December in Chad where he comes from.

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